Financial Assistance

Wondering how are you going to finance your education abroad? Looking for financial assistance and student loans to study abroad? We’ll help you find a finance option that works best for you.


Financing your Education

We all know that studying abroad is a very expensive process. The cost involves not only the university’s fees, but also living expenses. When you decide to apply for studies abroad, you must pay as much attention to how will you finance your education abroad as you do to your application.

Everyone, even students who can afford the expenses, need financial assistance. When an international student is applying for a student visa, he/she is required to show evidence of possessing adequate funds to cover at least the first year of their college education. With university scholarships, bank loans, and private funding from your own country as available options; you need to focus on careful and wise planning. If you want university funding; that is only possible in the US. Countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand do not usually offer students scholarships; but with loans from your own country, you can study anywhere in the world. Nowadays, with more international students applying to countries other than the US, there is a more flexible attitude towards providing financial assistance to foreign students.


Types of Financial Aid available to study abroad depend mainly on the country you are applying to. Most US universities offer assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships; depending on the course you are applying to. But for countries other than the US, funding from outside sources will mostly be required.

There are three broad categories that Financial Assistance can be divided into:

  1. Assistantships
  2. Fellowships / Scholarships
  3. Loans

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