There is something definitely magical about Ireland — it’s the land of elves, leprechauns, castles, warriors and balladeers. Ireland has a special charm that bonds all Irish men and women together.

The Republic of Ireland is not to be confused with Northern Ireland, which is still an integral part of the United Kingdom. Ireland's 800 years of rule under the British monarchy was a period of intrigue, strife, famine, progress and intellectual development as some of the most famous works in English Literature were written. Writers like George Bernard Shaw, Oscar Wilde and James Joyce are all part of the Irish literary world.

With visa rules becoming stricter in the UK and the US, Ireland should definitely be considered as a study destination.

With the cost of living in Ireland being considerably lesser when compared to London, Dublin and Cork have become attractive options for top class higher education. The proximity to London also allows students to visit London during the weekends. Ireland offers University degrees on par with those offered in the UK and the USA, and at a lesser cost. You can save a lot of money by opting to study in Ireland.