Forex Assistance

When someone wants to transfer the money from one country to another country in the foreign currencies, the foreign exchange system works. The students may require foreign exchange services in order to transfer the funds for the applications fees, tuition fees, and living expenses and for money transfers. The products of foreign exchange can be in the form of currencies, DDs, travelers Cheque, Pre-paid cards, electronic transfers, travel cards, postpaid SIM cards etc.

Although most of the nationalized banks and foreign exchange organizations like Cox and Kings, Thomas Cook provide these services, our Tie ups with reputed Forex dealers ensures that our students get competitive exchange rates and prompt services.

Our experts remain committed in delivering you with superior quality Forex Assistance services and the promptness with which, we have been delivering similar services, has helped us in being able to make a name for ourselves. A few among the different types of Forex services that we remain committed in offering you with includes- Cash to Master, Foreign Currency Cash, Cobranded Prepaid Forex Cards and Foreign Currency Travellers Cheque. American Express Global Travel Card is also one of the other Forex services that can benefit your purpose in the right manner.

We help you with Demand Drafts, Travelling Cheques, International Debit Cards, Wire Transfers & Currency Notes & ensure that you inform your counsellor to help you get the best exchange rate.

Need help? please give us a call or send us an email with your details & requirements & we will be happy to assist form