There are ~10 universities in Netherlands which are in top 200 (worldwide). Variety of courses (around 25% of all courses) are taught in English. 95% of the inhabitants speak English which makes communication with the locals easy. There are around 82,000 international students in Netherlands (most of them are from EU region). Top degree choices from students are Economics, Behavior & Society, Engineering. 

university Education (or WO, wetenschappelijk onderwijs) 

Fist cycle (or BS Degree) 

Second cycle (or MS Degree) 

Third cycle (or PhD Degree)

Many courses (Masters degree and PhD) in Holland are offered in English.

  • TOEFL/IELTS are generally required for courses in English (for non native English speakers)

    MS/PhD degree from Delft University of Technology (top ranked university) can cost : EU/EEA: € 1750/yr , Non-EU/EEA: € 12500/yr , Inst.: € 12500/yr (which is cheaper as compared to US universities)

    Higher Education in Netherlands

    1. Delft University of Technology
    2. Eindhoven University of Technology
    3. Erasmus University of Rotterdam
    4. The Hague University
    5. Hogeschool Eindhoven
    6. Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    7. Hogeschool van Utrecht
    8. IJselland Polytechnic
    9. Leiden University
    10. Nijenrode University
    11. Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden
    12. Open University of the Netherlands
    13. Tilburg University
    14. University of Amsterdam
    15. University of Groningen
    16. University of Limburg
    17. University of Nijmegen
    18. University of Twente
    19. Utrecht University
    20. Vrije University
    21. Wageningen University