Curricula in Sweden are designed to include investigative research at all levels of education, which enhance independent thinking. Sweden is known for its rigorous control on quality of education imparted and has one of the most ambitious evaluation patterns to ensure students graduate with a competitive edge over their peers globally. The fact that Sweden has been bestowing the Nobel Prize since 1895 and has universities like Uppsala and Lund that were set up way back in the 15th century is testament to its high standards of education. What's more, Sweden's universities are given independence in designing their syllabi. This helps them offer students the newest courses and adapt to the changing market with ease. Besides, Sweden spends nearly 3.6% of its GDP in research, which makes it an excellent place for future researchers. It is no wonder that students from across 80 countries strongly prefer moving to Sweden for PhDs.

Cost of education

Students who are not citizens of EEA, the European Union, Switzerland and Nordic countries need to pay only for the application and tuition costs for the Bachelor's and Master's programs. However, those applying for Doctoral programs are offered free tuition. Since all universities in Sweden are given the independence to decide their educational costs, the average annual fee is anywhere between $12,000 and $21,000, while the application may cost about $135. The charges may be a little higher for professional courses in the fields of art and medicine.

Higher Education in Sweden

  1. Chalmers University of Technology
  2. Goteborg University
  3. Halmstad University
  4. Jonkoping University
  5. Karolinska Institute
  6. Linkoping University
  7. Lulea University
  8. Lund Institute of Technology
  9. Lund University
  10. Malardalen University
  11. Mid Sweden University
  12. Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
  13. Stockholm School of Economics
  14. Stockholm University
  15. Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
  16. Umea University
  17. Umea University
  18. University College of Orebro
  19. University College of Gavle/Sandviken
  20. University College of Kalmar
  21. University of Boras
  22. University of Falun/Borlange
  23. University of Karlskrona/Ronneby
  24. University of Karlstad
  25. University of Kristianstad
  26. University of Skovde
  27. Uppsala University
  28. Vaxjo University